Solarplate Etching

A solarplate is a safe, non-toxic way to create intaglio and relief prints by using the power of the sun or artificial UV light.

solar plate2_320The solarplate, developed by Dan Welden, is covered with a light sensitive polymer coating that is also soluble in water. A piece of artwork is created on transparent or translucent film, placed on top of the plate, and exposed in the sun. Wherever UV light strikes the surface of the plate, the polymer hardens, while the parts of the polymer blocked from the light by the opaque lines and marks of the drawing remain soluble. The plate is then processed by gently scrubbing with water. The soluble residue washes away, leaving a plate with lines and grooves etched in the polymer. Post-exposure is needed to solidify the polymer. The plate is then inked and printed in the same way as a traditional etching.

Each print is hand-pulled by Jeanne and should not be confused with an offset reproduction. They are all original works of art.